Thursday, 7 August 2008

Let the little children come unto Me.

OK, y'all. I'm back. For all of two minutes, but back nonetheless. Wow! I can't believe I get to go online again... how long has it been? Over a week! My shattered nerves. That accounts for the nervous tic I developed a few days ago. And for the, oh, six hundred or so new photo's I have waiting to upload.
When I get snap-happy, I get snap-happy.

In my next life I'm going to be a paparazzo. Hmmm, I wonder... Does Heaven stock paparazzo's?

So, this past weekend, Robin, Jess, half the household goods and I trooped down to Durban for Jesse-Lee's special Dedication Service. Dang! Kids needs lots of things for a weekend! It's just as well we bought the double cab then. Next time we go anywhere, I'm thinking of calling a removal company to help with the preparations. And (uggghhh!!!) the unpacking. And that's all I have to say about that.
But the service was AWESOME! We had our groovy friend, Pastor Gideon and his wife, Rhona, drive down from Johannesburg especially to do the service for us. And the church was super duper packed! Friends and family from all over came to share in the joy with us! It was AWESOME! Of course, a few tears were shed... (You know you're getting old, when happiness makes you cry, hey?) And later, a few pounds gained. (My mom-in-law knows her way around a kitchen!)

Here are a few pics of my favourite moments at the service.

ABOVE: Haha! Note the expression! Jess wasn't too impressed about being held up like a trophy... So she told us all about it. (BELOW)

ABOVE: Little Ethan joined the party.


Geoff and Caron said...

Hi there.
I know you will know exactly what I mean when I say:
I know how awfully special and long dreamed of this day must have been for you!
God bless your little family.

Kelly said...

Great pics, Char! What a special moment to stop and thank God and let Him know that you will tell little Jess all about Him.

Amy said...

I have always loved baby dedications, but recently I've found myself decking out to the ladies when I see one coming up in the bulletin. I can't wait for the special Sabbath that we get to stand up there with a little one of our own, and I'm so glad your time is here. God bless you all.