Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Hobnobbing with the larnies

We are in Johannesburg for two weeks, visiting some good friends of ours who we very seldom see these days.
It is surreal being here. The last time we were here, things were very different for us. We still had more than enough money in our wallets, in those days. We also never had Jesse-Lee yet...
Which may or may not be related.
I'm just saying.
And, man - you never know just how un-baby-safe other people's homes are until you get to stay in their homes and your toddler thinks it's an adventure park. I am going to be EXHAUSTED after these two weeks!!! I am like her shadow, walking around behind her saying "No, Jesse, don't touch!" every three seconds. Poor child! She's going to think "Nojess" is her full name, after this!
But, wow, it is SO GOOD to spend time with one of my very best friends again, after all this time. I have missed her SO much. Tomorrow all our galpals are getting together and taking all our kids to Monte Casino's bird park. Should be fun!
We'll chat some more later. I think my girl is waking from her nap! Here we go again. I'm on duty to protect my friend's treasures from a little monster's fingers!

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

just checking in

I know you're all going to start calling me a stuck record, but we are still experiencing problems with our internet connection AND our pc... hence the lack of posts lately. I'm quickly saying hello from my friend's home right now. We are still fat and happy here in the Hillbilly Hideout. Jess is running the whole house full and is full of her usual antics! I wish you could all see how cute she is on her feet! Hope you're all still ok? I haven't been able to read ANYONE's blogs for a few weeks - months now. Very uncool Hillbilly-like behaviour, this internet misbehaving.
So wish we could win the lotto and just upgrade to adsl AND a mac.