Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Under construction

How cute does my blog look??? I am sooo excited! Heather of Goofy Girl (see the 'Thanks' section bottom left) did a great job putting together all the thingies that I wanted! She even allowed me to try my hand at designing the header image and the little sidebar headings! Thanks so much Heather! You're a star! P.S. I'll still be changing a few things here and there (colours, etc.) but for that I'll need to dash into an internet cafe. My cell doesn't like doing finicky thingies. Yay! So excited about my new blog!


Kelly said...

Looks great, Char! So happy looking and cheery.

Jo said...

Like the new look girl, fresh look for a fresh year.

Amy D said...

Super cute! It's good to "see" you again.

Spanglish said...

I wish I knew how to customize mine. Yours is super cute.

Mine is new, by the way.
I'm posting at a new site from now on. It's called What Skinny Jeans? You can access it from my profile.