Friday, 26 June 2009


Allow me to explain my absence the past few months... I have felt horrible for not blogging, and more so for just abandoning you all without an explanation.
I have been indulging in a torrid love affair with F*acebook! When my girl has a nap or goes down for night-time, I hop on the computer and catch up on the happenings in my friends' lives. And so, my love-affair with blogger has taken a backseat to F*acebook. Sad, but true.
And also, and this is actually the real truth of the matter. A few months ago (round about when my blogging became sporadic) we spent some time at friends. I was horrified to see the neglect that my friend displayed towards her children (a small kiddy and an infant) just so that she could spend time online. I watched her ignore her infant's screams so that she could chat online; I saw her children spend all day in their pyjamas and not get fed; I watched in horror as her baby was fed and not burped, so spent hours in discomfort with winds lodged somewhere in his poor little body... all so that she could spend a bit longer either online, or watching teevee. And I started wondering if that's what people must think I'm doing: Neglecting my girlie so that I could blog? I was so disgusted by her behaviour that I just stopped doing ANYTHING online. No more blogging. No more F*acebook'ing... Nothing that would mean my attention from Jess would be distracted.
Of course, that's NOT what I was doing. I would only ever go online when Jess is asleep, but my fear of even being perceived in the same light as my friend, withheld me from blogging.
And so, here I am, owning up to my stupidity.
I have missed sharing my life with all three of you out there. For someone who wears her heart on her sleeve, this time of silence has been rather obtrusive. And also, I'm developing a twitch now. It's a withdrawal symptom, I'm sure.
So I'm back. As much as I can possibly be. With a girlie who is sleeping less every day it might not be as voracious as before. But back, nevertheless.
Hope some of you are still out there in cyberspace? Leave me a hello if you are, ok?


Thoxan said...

"a hello"

Jo said...

Hey .... so very happy to see you're back have missed knowing what's happening with you. Pls don't stop!!

Give Jess a kiss from me.


Kymberli said...

I'm still here and glad to hear that all is well with you and sweet little Jess!

Andria and Co. said...

Still stalking you, all the way over here from Texas. :)

Hilda said...

hi, Jess, wanted to write a long welcome back letter, but my 4 month old adoptive son is screaming on my lap.....

Amanda_vds said...

a hello from mee too!

MLO said...

Still watching and reading.

Ms. J said...

Hullo?! WHERE is our update about Jesse-Lee's big party?! GET ON IT, GIRL!!!!!!!!!!