Tuesday, 8 September 2009

just checking in

I know you're all going to start calling me a stuck record, but we are still experiencing problems with our internet connection AND our pc... hence the lack of posts lately. I'm quickly saying hello from my friend's home right now. We are still fat and happy here in the Hillbilly Hideout. Jess is running the whole house full and is full of her usual antics! I wish you could all see how cute she is on her feet! Hope you're all still ok? I haven't been able to read ANYONE's blogs for a few weeks - months now. Very uncool Hillbilly-like behaviour, this internet misbehaving.
So wish we could win the lotto and just upgrade to adsl AND a mac.


Ms. J said...

Who knows if you'll ever again be able to read our comments, LOL?! But I stick am checking up on you!

Perhaps we need to find a more reliable means of communication? Smoke signals? Message in a bottle?!

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