Wednesday, 28 December 2011

...the post about our holiday and burgeoning bulges

Damn. Back at work today. The Hubsband and The Girlchild are at home, enjoying another two weeks of holidays while I have become a member of The Sucker Club, working during the festive season. BUT - these are the last few days at this sucky job.  I have  been appointed to a new job, in a new role, at a new company and I can't wait to begin!!!

We had a SPLENDID holiday with my hubby’s folks in Durban. Durbs never disappoints. We acted like real Vaalies – spent most days battling the wind on the beach, splish-splashing in the waves and rolling in the sand in a determined effort to get as much sand in as many places as possible. Ahem. Exhibit A below:

We arrived in Durban on the night of the 15th with my trousers hanging loosely from my hips and departed last night with plump muffin tops over the same trousers. Which just goes to show that CLEARLY such delicious indulgence cannot go unpunished. I will regain my moderately heffalump appearance in the course of time. Which is, of course, what New Years Resolutions are for.

What did you do this Festive Season?


Katrin said...

I was in the Durban area at the same time. We could've met!

Hanlie said...

I know how that muffin top thing just kinda sneaks up on one...