Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Some phobies for ya

I have too much to tell you and too little time... so for now, some pics... These are already old but I left my camera cable to work (I know! You can all kick my b*tt later!) so I can't download the gorgeous pics I have of my little angel that are on my camera. Maybe tonight I can load some more for you all to see how totally angelic my little sugar-booger is.

The new mommy (still in hospital)

Grandpa Barry - Robin's dad

Ouma (South African for Granny) - Robin's mom

Granny - my mom with my baby

Jesse-Lee's first car-ride; and she slept through it!

I have some pics of my dad with Jesse-Lee on my camera, so those must still be downloaded... and of Jesse-Lee with our sisters. OK, must dash, baby needs some-a-lovin'.

P.S. I still haven't read any of your comments. So they weren't lying after all, when they said I wouldn't have any time to myself.


Cheryl Wray said...

These pictures are all wonderful!!!

Carla said...

BEAUTIFUL family! You'll find your stride soon.

Frenchie said...

I am LOVING all the pictures!!

YAY!! What a beautiful family. It's so nice to see the proud grandparents' happy grins, too. Makes my heart do a little dance!!

JamieD said...

Thanks for the pics!! What a BEAUTIFUL family!!