Thursday, 11 September 2008

No internet, no happy

Yeah, I'm still waiting for the internet to be installed at home. Thus the ever-decreasing blog posts of late. Sorry. This blog is becoming b-o-r-r-r-i-n-g... Either NO posts or hasty ones while gatecrashing a friend's computer. Let's hope I can get online from home again soon...

It's my dad's 60th Birthday Bash this weekend, so we are traipsing down to East London for the weekend. Actually to a resort just outside of East London, called Cefani. It's going to be SUPER GROOVY! and I mean GROOVY as in hip-hugging, bell-bottoming, dance-till-you-drop partying in a nifty sixties' theme! ALLLL the family and old family friends will be at the resort for the whole weekend - bound to be lots of funny stories afterwards. And of course, it's the first time they will all be meeting our noonoo-pie... so, I'm priming Jess now already for lots of cheek-pinching, smooching and "Ahhhh, moeder!"'s. Tomorrow morning early we hit the road from Durbs (we're already in Durbs) and do the mind-bending long drive all the way back home to the Hillybilly Dump again on Monday. Over a thousand kilometres in ONE DAY! Eish! And then I'll be posting pics of the 60's Bash on Tuesday. Woohooo!

So, have a fab weekend guys. Chat again next week!


Much Ado said...

Enjoy the party! And take plenty of photos!! :)

Jo said...

Hope you have a great time at the party and wish your dad from us.

Brad Jo & the brood

Heath said...

Happy Birthday Uncle Buddie!
All the best,
from Charlene

Kelly said...

Hope to get you back on line soon!