Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Still alive. And looking for something to kick!

So, I'm hijacking my friend's computer for a quick hello (yet again). This quick hello business is starting to grate my carrot. I have soooo much to tell you guys and so many adorable pics of Jess to load... (yes, that's my o.c.d. side showing) but I'm stiiiilllll waiting for my internet to be installed at home. This past Sunday would have been The Day, and then we had such stormy weather that the guy wasn't too keen on climbing onto our roof.
Just kidding.
He happens to be a friend of ours (hello André), so I better keep it clean. Just in case he reads this.
I promise I'll be blogging again as soon as my internet is up and running. So if you don't hear from me for a while, it's because I'm playing The Waiting Game again. Story of my life.


Jo said...

Hey Hope you get is sorted out so you can get blogging again, miss knowing what's going on there in hilbilly-dundee. Give Jess a kiss from me

JamieD said...

Grating your carrot?!?! That is soooo funny . . .

Just another reason why I miss hearing from you!

Ms. J said...

Miss ya, Char!

Praise and Coffee said...

Sorry about the waiting, glad you're doing well though!

Anonymous said...

Yes -- the story of our life, but now the waiting is so much more entertaining.