Thursday, 9 October 2008

Update on the Dead and Dying

The fact that I'm writing you a post right now should reassure you that I am not, as previously suspected, dead or dying. Although there were a few moments in the last few days when I would have happily walked towards the light.

Our house has been a petri-dish of germs, y'all. The entire Hillbilly Household succumbed to this ghastly virus. Or bacteria. Or whatever it was. Because, lemme tell you something... Hillbilly Wisdom this... When one of The Parents gets sick (and by The Parents, I actually mean The Mother, i.e. ME!), seek held fast! Because you can bet your bottom that within days, the entire household falls apart. Snotty tissues litter every available surface area. Dirty dishes become fertile breeding ground for the infestation of all manner of instects.

Not fun.

And I am stiiiilllll waiting for our internet installation. So right now I'm sitting in an internet café in Dunhillbillydee. Except this internet café has no coffee. Café schmafé. So, this will probably be a short post. Because right now, all that's keeping my eyelids upright is a leftover caffeine kick from an hour or so ago. Which is fast being depleted.

So this is just a quick checkin. Thanks for all the sooper-dooper advice guys. Pity I never had internet to see your comments until just now, because it's been a week of orange and purple splatter...

Anyhoo. Let me not complain. Just saying yowdy and sending smooches until next time.
I miss you already.


Kymberli said...

Glad to hear from you! Our house is currently going through the sick phase. I was sick two weeks ago. Now dh is sick and the night before last, my five year old puked on me. Niiiice.

bonzobuddybear said...

Oh, you poor people! You never know what a blessing health is until you have it. Every time we get sick, I vow we will never have sugar again, it seems. :D

I love reading your blog! I come visit often. Keep it up! Kids only get more fun the bigger they get.



Kelly said...

I was never sick until I had kids in the house...

hope everyone starts feeling better soon.