Wednesday, 26 November 2008

You know you're loved when... ask to speak to your nephew (who has just moved to Mars New Zealand and therefore doesn't get smooches from his favourite aunty very often...) and he says "Hello Aunty Char! I am busy catching a spider, a live one, so please just leave me alone for a little bit ok? Love you!" (CLEARLY!) "Bye!"

Yup, I think it's safe to assume I've dropped a bit down his Favourite People List. When someone would rather chase a spider than chat to you, there's your sign.

My christmas present budget just got a bit bigger. Nothing says "I LOVE YOU AUNTY CHAR!" quite like a newly bribed nephew who just got the gift of his dreams. Yeah. I'm scaly that way.


MLO said...

Nah, you aren't unloved - he is a young boy, catching spiders beat just about everything else!

BTW: Your daughter is just gorgeous - and your happiness practically radiates from your entries.

Jo said...

Wait till it's Jesse-Lee saying that to you, makes you really feel loved lol

Miss you my friend.

BTW have you any tips for a city girl moving to the sticks?