Sunday, 30 November 2008

Game On!

I can't even begin telling you how smug excited I'm feeling today... Well, I was even MORE excited yesterday, because that's when it happened for the very first time. Jess bawled her little eyes out and wailed when I passed her onto someone else! (SO exciting that she knows ME and recognizes when she's not with me anymore!) And then, (even better!) this someone else passed her onto Mr Someone Else who Jess should've been quite happy to go to. Said Mr Person who Jess should've been comfortable with shall remain anonymous. But hypothetically speaking he could well be recognized as one of the Hillbilly Household. If you know what I mean. When Jess saw that I was still in the room, she stretched out her arms and reached for me!! And when I took her from her least favoured Hillbilly ahem! her current captor from Said Person Who Shall Remain Anonymous, she stopped wailing, snuggled into my neck, sighed and smiled! VICTORY! Score one, Mommy. Zero to Mr Person Who Shall Henceforth Assume The Title of Loser Challenger. Not that I'm competitive or anything.


Jo said...

Ha Ha that is so funny Char - cause you do realize that it can back fire on you when you need her to go to said person who shall remain nameless because you need/ want to do something and all hell breaks lose..... But you are right and feels great to know that they love you and want to be with you and those moments get fewer and further in-between (not the knowing but the wanting to but cuddled) as they get older, I speak from experience

Anonymous said... is wonderful when they show that YOU are the one they REALLY want