Thursday, 4 December 2008


It would seem that Jo (of - sorry, my Mr Linky's not working) was a prophet of doom with her comment on my post "Game On!" Her words were barely cold when her warning came true. My popularity with pudding pie totally backfired on me.

See, yesterday morning my gal refused to go down for her early morning nap, which is when I usually do my unHillbillylike things, like have worship, shower, wash hair, brush teeth and make up my bed. And if time allows, I also quickly grab a few bites to eat.

Well, not so yesterday morning. Little sugar booger decided napping was for the birds and refused to sleep. Okie dokie. The girl has a will of her own. Lord have mercy! Those teen years are rapidly approaching.

Anyhoo... I prop the gal up in her pram, with a few good toys strewn on her lap for good measure, park the pram in our bathroom en-suite facing the shower, then hop into the shower myself and proceed to belt out my rendition of Kelly Clarkson's "Since You've Been Gone" clean the earwax from my ears. With a little jig or two on the side. You know, to get the blood moving, and all of that.

Jess happily sat in her pram with her toys, watching Mommy act like a dork. Until it was time for me to hop out the shower.

Then all h*ll broke loose. The gal took one look at this monstrosity of a hot pink monster with a towel wrapped around it's head, and let out a screech that threatened to shatter the very walls of our house.

I learnt one big lesson from the experience too: never underestimate the staying power of a child in distress. They can scream way longer than you can block your ears. I'm just saying.

Sugar Booger only stopped screeching once I'd unwrapped the towel from my head AND put my Hillbilly glasses on.

What can I say? The girl has style.


Katrin said...

Oh no! But on the other hand, it sounds very funny too... :) Made me smile.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could know their thought/perception process. What must she have thought seeing you with the towel on your head? When I wear my glasses Zoey does a double take. It surprises her every time.

Jo said...

Ha ha.... Riley used to scream her head off as a baby every time I stepped into the shower, the moment the water was turned off and I got out she used to be all happy again. There's no explaining what goes on in their heads

Ms. J said...

About 4 weeks after we came home from China I realized that whenever Lil Pumpkin looked at photos of me, she did NOT know it was ME. In discussing this with my new mom friend, Lisa, we realized that it was because Lil Pumpkin was used to seeing my hair in a ponytail or bun (esp. while in China), and often with glasses and cruddy clothes on (around the house) . . . whereas any photos of me sported perfectly coifed hair, awesome makeup & lipstick, and clothes that FIT PROPERLY, lol. Lisa said her son (the same age) often was confused between in-person Mommy and photo Mommy, LMAO!

Anonymous said...

Hi, can't believe she is growing so fast.
When I wrote to you last time I asked if it was possible that you can give me the contact number of your social worker, I am in SA for 6 week and want so see if she can help or put me in contact with someone else.
Thanks a lot
Hilda e mail