Sunday, 16 August 2009

Walking Proper

Jess is walking! Finally! She has actually been able to walk for a good couple of weeks already, but didn't trust herself to walk without holding onto us somehow. Now, she's getting up and walking a good couple of metres unassisted whenever she gets a bee in her bonnet to do so! I am SO proud of her! She took her first unassisted steps two weeks ago, on Sabbath. What a beautiful little dumpling! I just totally adore her. Even when she's a naughty little bugger.


Ms. J said...

What a great photo - those brilliantly intense eyes!!!

Now I am going to chide you for these infrequent updates -- we need to hear how the three of you are, more often ;o)

(This had better not be another internet access quandry, grrrr).

Have been missing ya!

bonzobuddybear said... your fun will really begin. You didn't know how easy you had it when she couldn't leave you behind very fast. :D

Nevertheless, it's lots of entertainment! I'm sure you'll enjoy yourselves in this new stage of the journey.

Aurette said...

I wish that I could see her walking around everywhere.... now there will be not stopping her..... "watch out world... Jess is on the way...." Love and miss you lots!!!XXXX