Thursday, 20 August 2009

Viruses of the cyber and poop sort

Well! What a week we've had. Our computer caught a virus!!!!! *Sob!* I'm blogging from a friend's house quickly. Our computer is currently in quarantine and being detoxed. Very very sad. And as if that was not enough trauma, then there's the incessant banging and welding and scraping and drilling going on at home (what with half our house being roofless right now)... And then it's also been the screeching of our pudding booger who's been simultaneously teething (4 teeth at once!!!) and caught a crazy bug that turned anything that was put into her mouth into projectiles a short while later. No sooner had Jess stop vomiting (after one whole day of constant outfit changing and cleaning and wiping and soothing...) than she started with the "spuitpoep"... (That's jippo guts for those of you who don't understand South African). Needless to say we have a few extra loads of laundry to do this week. And a few photos that need loading for you all to see. And a few extra hours of sleep to catch up on as soon as possible. How you guys co-sleep with your children is BEYOND me!!! Seriously - we had Jess in our bed with us for 3 nights and it was 3 nights too many, if you ask me. Oh well. Thank Heavens, that's over now. Now it's just the runny tummy to get done with.
Teething. It's not for sissies.

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Spanglish said...

Oh my... no fun at all. Good luck with EVERYTHING.