Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Sandy is Jesse's favourite person... Er, playmate

Whenever Jesse and I play outside (which is pretty much all day, every day), Jesse hangs out with our labby. They are best buddies! Where the one goes, the other follows. It's so cute.

While I find it adorable that these two are such good pals, it leads me to wonder if Jesse might need some playmates. Of a more homo sapien variety. You know, before Jesse starts barking.

*sigh* Where are some good, fertile eggs when you need them?


Andria said...

Man's, err, Baby's best friend! She's so cute!!!

You haven't mentioned Victor and Lindsey in a while. Do you ever hear anything from them?

Char said...

Hi Andria! It's been a while since I heard from them - I think New Years Day was the last time. I still send them a pic of Jesse at least once a few months or so, via mms, because we had agreed to keep contact with them (via a third party, actually). I don't want to renage on our agreement. So we keep sending every now and then... They keep a respectful distance, which we also appreciate. Perhaps later this year we will make an effort to see them again. The last time they saw Jesse was December 2008... Lots of water has passed under the bridge since then. They have had Vickayla, their second daughter, but their first to keep. I think she has taken up lots of the heartbreak over parting with Jesse, and filled a small part of that void. I think if they hadn't had Vickayla we'd have heard from them more often. :o)

Ms. J said...

Love the pics! Though I have to tell ya, LOL, with all of the snow we have here (like many folks in the USA and rest of the northern hemisphere) it's so odd to see photos of a child barefoot playing outside!!!