Monday, 26 November 2012

Of stories and namings

We have a routine that we stick to in the evenings with Jesse-Lee:

Supper.  Bath.  Bed.  Bedtime Story.  Lights Out.  Two songs.  Kiss.  Hug.  Happy.

That way, she gets her 10 hours of sleep, and we get our 10 hours of peace.  In which I do my happy dance pull on my stretchy pants and raid the pantry cupboard, eating all manner of treats that we don't usually allow Jesse to eat.  

It's a win-win situation really.

Long before bedtime she already starts asking which story I'll be reading to her that evening. I love to surprise Jesse with new and amazing stories that will set her imagination alight and pull her into dreamland thinking happy thoughts.

The night before last was no different to our norm.  The bedtime story was new to Jesse (the one where Jesus raises Jairus's daughter from the dead).  When we got to the end of the story, there was a picture of Jairus and his wife hugging their daughter, while Jesus looks on.  Jesse immediately piped up and asked, "Mommy, what is the little girl's mommy's name?"  I answered that I didn't know.  Upon which she stated categorically:  "Well, I think it should be Strawberry Deck."

I shudder to think what my grandchildren will be named one day.
Thankfully that's at least 52 years in the future.

I'm nothing if not optimistic, y'all.


Jo said...

LoL! who knows she might be famous one day and then your grand kids are going to need 'crazy' names :)

I will not be surprised if I have a grandson named Tom one day .... Cat is still obsessed with Tom Selleck or something along the lines of Thomas Sullivan Magnum

Ryan Upton said...

With existing kids names of Apple and Tu Morrow, I don't think Strawberry Deck is far off.

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