Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Absence makes the heart grow fonder...

I've been having flashbacks to when Robin and I were still dating, and living thousands of kilometres apart. The enormous phonebills that would arrive at the end of every month. And the pining. Oh, the pining. He has only been away for two days so far, and I'm suffering some severe withdrawal symptoms. Oh well, that's two days less until I see him again. The countdown begins.
Good news, though! My friends Hanlie and Jair had their little boy today! He arrived at 10h34 weighing 3.3kg's and is 50cm's tall! They have named him Joshua. Welcome to the world, little Josh! And congrats to Jair, Hanlie and Bella (Joshua's older sister).


Anonymous said...

Hey girl - you've got me my mind cranking, what with all you've written on my last two blogposts!! I think I'll use your latest comment as a springboard for another post. Hopefully, it'll start a good discussion.

So how long is your hubby going to be away? I'm sorry you're alone, but glad your friend arrived!!

Also, been wanting to ask - are you a native South African? Or what? Very cool to meet someone across the globe!

Alison Shiloh Wear said...

hi char-

hope you're enjoying the alone time a bit more. I can identify with the pining. It wasn't until I was courting my boyfriend-now-hubby long distance that I physically experienced heartache. He was in Dallas, TX while I was in Philadelphia, PA. He wound up moving to Philly for love, and we've been married 3 years now!