Friday, 21 December 2007

Work work work

I am stttttiiiiiiiilllllll working... And by "working" I really mean sitting in my office moping while everyone else is having a fat jol. I am feeling o-so-sorry for myself. If I just pulled up my socks and put some real elbow grease into it, I would have been finished aaaaages ago. But no, I'd rather sit here moping, feeling sorry for my lazy bones, than just get it all finished up. Because I'm sensible like that. I haven't even put up my Christmas tree or fairy lights yet this year, so that should tell you something!
One good thing though, is that I'm pretty much finished with our Christmas shopping. Except for my brother-in-law, who is super rich, has everything he could ever want, and is a real pain in the oo-all to buy for challenge to shop for. Oh well... my sister-in-law reckons we should give give him dosh, but he has enough of that already anyway!!! And of course, shopping in Dunfiddledeedee is also really conducive to finding a groovy gift for him, what with it's ENORMOUS selection of shops. *Sob!*
Oh and to put some real fuel on the fire - my hormones are all whacked again. As in totally wacko. Makes for some interesting shopping experiences, I'll tell you that much. And fights races for parking spaces. I'm blaming the camp food we ate for two weeks. There's only so much rice you can eat before things go haywire...
Before I return to my slave labour, thought you might enjoy a really easy, yummy recipe to add to your Christmas day menu (especially if you live in the southern hemisphere where we're all dripping with sweat this time of the year)... I call it Nougat Ice Cream.
  • 2 litres vanilla ice-cream. The full cream stuff. It's only Christmas once a year after all.
  • 8 - 20 blocks of fudge (depending on your sweet tooth) broken into smaller pieces
  • one third of a cup of glacĂ© cherries, chopped into small pieces
  • at least 2 big slabs of dark chocolate (or mint choc), melted
  • 1 big stick of french nougat, chopped into pieces the size of your finger nail

What to do

  • melt the ice-cream to a thick sludgy milkshake consistency
  • toss in all the other ingredients except the melted dark chocolate
  • give a quick stir through to make sure the bits are well distributed
  • half the mixture
  • pour the melted dark choc (which you've allowed to cool slightly) over the one half
  • add the other half of icecream on top of the dark choc
  • pour the remaining dark choc over the top
  • Pop back into your freezer overnight
  • It's really good served with crumbled fudge over the top

If you enjoy nuts, oreos, M&Ms, etc. you might want to add a few too. I don't like "hard things" in ice-cream so, we do it without. Because I'm the cook and I get to decide. There are advantages to being the one in the kitchen when the food's being prepared, I guess. c",)

So, happy eating, everyone. And if I don't get to blog again before Christmas, which is a real possibility right now, then HAPPY CHRISTMAS too! One last Christmas Jig from Robin and I for all of you.


Anonymous said...

My father is tremendously difficult to shop for as well because he already has everything. This year we bought him a nice bottle of wine. Give your brother-in-law his favorite treat -- whether it's a cigar, candy, cured meat, whatever...

When my dad's second marriage unraveled he had a pile of stuff he wanted to get rid of and asked us, his kids, to come sort through it in case we wanted anything. As we came up to the gigantic pile he said, 'Most of that crap is just a bunch of gifts that I didn't like to begin with. Help yourselves.' Every gift I'd given him over the past decade was in the pile. I hope he didn't remember that I was the one who gave those things to him.

After that I bought him only gift cards to restaurants he liked, and then I started buying him food and drink.

Good luck with the elusive gift!! (and getting the work done).

Kelly said...

Don't you just love the elf thing? Did you see ours? I think I emailed it to you!

I know the feeling about having to buy for someone that has everything and can afford everything. I feel like no matter what I get, it won't be good enough. Oh well.

Merry Christmas to you!

My name is Jo and this is me rambling on about my life. said...

Well at least you only have one more gift to go, I haven't bought any yet - help!

Vouchers are my answer to "difficult" people then they can by there own gift and you'll know he'll like it. If you can send some sun this way I'd love you forever! Have a good xmas and say hey to Robin and the rest of our family