Tuesday, 11 December 2012

I like them big. I like them chunky.

Alternate title:  A Pain in The A**

A week ago, we had a potjie with some church friends.  [A potjie (pronounced "poykee") is a casserole cooked in an enormous three-legged pot over a fire.  But we call the entire event, from building the fire, to eating and socializing together, a potjie]  Great fun!  Food + friends = fun.  

On our return home, it started raining, so when I walked down the stairs from the garage towards our back door, my boats crocs rapidly morphed from foot protective gear to weapons of mass destruction and sent me and my liberally indulged appetite crashing down the flight of steps, while still holding two big pyrex dishes in my hands.

It wasn't pretty, y'all.  And neither is the junk in my trunk.

Lest you think this image has been tampered with, nay, that is an actual photo taken with my Blackberry. And yes, those are The Bruises.

Never one to miss an opportunity for sympathy, as soon as the bruise was visible, I sent pictures of it to my friends. Who, in the spirit of our dear friendship, immediately seized the opportunity to comment on the enormity, not of The Bruise, but of the roundness of my rump.  "Dang, girl - look at the SIZE of that thing! (The butt, not the bruise.)"  One even quoted one of my most favourite scenes from Madagascar II to me, where Motomoto approaches Gloria and introduces himself.  "Who's your friend? Or is that your butt?" (bad youtube version of the scene here.)

Luckily I have a thick skin.
It's purple.
But who am I to complain?

In the meantime, I am garnering sympathy wherever I can.
With my blue butt and the picture thereof in tow.

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Amber - Binkertation said...

Hey Char - OUCH... the get together sounds fun, but the bruises do not!! I'm a new follower - found you via Jo, same as you found me :)