Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Crisis averted

OK, so I caught a bit of a speed wobble yesterday. I'll admit it. But today I'm totally in control. This "I'm having a baby and you're not!" thing is not going to get the better of me! I will be the bigger person.
Unpreggy belly notwithstanding.
I am a good head taller than Lindsay anyways.
And who knows, maybe she'll totally freak out and beg me to adopt her second baby when the baby is crying all hours of night and keeping the whole household awake (Wishful thinking!) come to her senses and decide to do what's best for the baby, after all.
Until then, I will take all of my clever friends and family's advice and MOVE ON! Pretend I don't know what's happening in Durban. And just love on my baby banana booger. I am already SO blessed to have her. I am totally grateful for her and could just spend all day kissing her dimpled cheeks!
So, instead of being bitter and jealous and cross, I am going to be happy! Happy I have Jess and happy that I'm not still waiting for my baby. Happy that she is ours. Happy that Victor and Lindsay chose what was best for Jess. Without them we'd never have had her to begin with! So, I can't be cross with them for their decision this time round.
And if, for some unknown reason, Victor and Lindsay also catch a speedwobble and need to ask us to adopt baby number two, dang!, I'll be happier still.
I'm just saying.


Kelly said...

good perspective. What a difference a day makes. Jess is so blessed to have YOU.

Amy said...

What a beautiful picture of you and Jess! I love it. I'm glad you're better today, and I'll be praying for this situation.

Hanlie said...

Is she pregnant again????? An accident? I can't believe it. I thought they would have been more careful after Jess. I am shocked!!! You have now what you always wanted, your own little sweet baby. Just focus of that, and give her all the love in the world that she deserves. Love the photo of you two. She looks like such a happy baby. Keep up the good work mom!