Friday, 20 February 2009

Suspect okie

It's been impossible to get anything done today, on account of my bootie shaking so much! This afternoon we're going to Durban for the weekend! Woot woot! Friends of ours are travelling down to watch the rugby, so we're sponging off of them seeing as we's po hitching a lift down with them. Who could pass up a free ride to the city??? And to see Nolene (Robin's sister) for the last time before her baby is born next Thursday! Woot woot!
I must tell you... I am SO tempted to send Victor and Lindsay a text message, inviting them to visit jess while we're there, and see their reaction. I wonder if Lindsay would feel comfortable revealing her very preggy belly when she's not certain we know she's preg again? I almost think she'd decline our invitation just to avoid seeing us! Victor, on the other hand, will definitely want to see Jess. And I suspect he might even want to brag about their being pregnant again so soon.
A day or two after the shock of us hearing the news wore off, I remembered a conversation we had with Lindsay's crisis counselor, where Margo (the crisis counselor) revealed that Victor was very embittered after their signing the official adoption papers releasing Jess into our custody. And he told Margo that he resented us for taking her and it was easy enough for them to just make another baby, and this time keep it for themselves.
Which would make this predicament of theirs a rather interesting development, indeed. Suspect. Very suspect.
Makes me wonder if it was "just words" on his part, or if they really didn't go and try to "replace" Jess immediately after they'd parted with her?
Either way, I want to tell you that the last two days have been strangely calm for me. I don't say that I'm totally "over" it, but I'm certainly not stressed about it anymore. God has given us the most gorgeous little girl! And if He sees fit to give us another one so soon after Jess, then YAY!!!! If not, and Jess's little sister stays with her birthparents, then that's ok by me too. We'll trust in God and in His perfect timing for US. For our little family of three.
Gosh, don't I sound all grown up?
I even surprise myself every now and again!

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Anonymous said...

Hello Char, ons is tans in VSA, en het biejie meer as 'n week gelede gehoor dat 'n birthmother ons gekies het, na 2 jaar se wag met die adoption proses het ek begin glo dit gaan nooit gebeur nie.
Dit mag dalk nie 'n slegte idee wees om 'n besoek met die birthparents voor te stel nie , dit mag dalk vir hulle "closure" gee dat hulle die regte besluit geneem het, as hulle sien hoe gelukkig en goed versorg Jesse is. En wie weet dalk kan hulle besluit die tweede een verdien ook beter.
Ons het so baie boeke gelees oor open adoption en daar is baie voordele vir die kind op die lang termyn.
Dit gebeur redelk gereeld in ons adoption agentskap dat dieselfde birthmother twee keer plaas by die selfde aanneem ouers. As mens 'n verhouding met hulle kan opbou kan hulle dit dalk sterk oorweeg om weer te plaas.
Hoop alles werk uit vir julle.
Jammer vir die Afrikaans, ek tik vinniger in Afrikaans...
Hilda ~