Thursday, 19 February 2009

Trawling Crawling! (well, almost...)

Just when I thought that I could go at least another two weeks or so without applying some "No Way, Grey!" to my rapidly appearing granny grey hairs, the sugar booger started doing the "I want to crawl, and I want to crawl NOW!" tango. And this, just a few days after she discovered that she can decapitate people throw objects metres beyond her grasp!
Lord have mercy!
We are going to need to keep our wits about us. And an eveready pot of coffee wouldn't hurt either.
The girl knows what she wants and she aint afraid to scream you into submission go for it either.
Perhaps I should go ahead and order a crate of "No Way, Grey!" now, before the teen years arrive.


Kelly said...

Oh the fun begins when they are no longer immobile.

Hanlie said...

Tell me about it, I had no gray hair before I had kids. Now they are popping up all over the place.