Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Cape Town, oh, Cape Town, how I love thee!

One of my best friends, Joey, has treated me to the gift of a lifetime! She has bought me a flight to Cape Town for a few days. Alone! Just meeeeee! And her, waiting for me that side.
It's difficult to tell you just how excited I am to be going back to my favourite city on the continent, for a few days. Just thinking about the trip conjures up wonderful thoughts of sleeping right through the night, eating a whole entire meal without interruption, reading lazily on the patio overlooking the Atlantic, leisurely strolls through malls without apologizing to shop owners... quiet time with my friend, long chats and short naps...
And four whole days of missing my baby!!! I am absolutely DREADING the missing her. It will be my first trip somewhere without her. I wonder if I will actually be able to enjoy my time there?... I can go, knowing she'll be in the care of the best man on the planet.  What did I do to deserve being married to Robin?
I fly out early next week, and return Friday. And you'll be the first to know how it went, when I get back.

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Thomas said...

Grüß schön! (Kapstadt und Joey! ;-))