Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Too much cancer!

A few members of my family have had cancer. Aunts, uncles, and other. Some have won their ongoing battle against it, others didn't. And then, there is someone very dear to us who just recently found out that she has cancer. And the type of cancer that you really don't want to have to get, ever. The kind that grows very fast and is just looking for trouble.
I would tell you who it is, except, she hasn't really told people in general about it, and I don't want to be the one blabbing. For a change. So, until she makes it common knowledge, I won't be.
The doctors have told her (after she just had surgery last week to remove the malignant tumor) that she will need to have chemo as well as radium threatments. And this particular chemo coctail will definitely cause her to lose all her hair. She will need treatment for a few months. But, what's really really bothering me, is that we can't find a decent wig for her, in anticipation of the hair loss. Right now she has lots of full, grey curls and soon they will be gone. I hate to think that she will be shy to walk around balding! I'm certain it will bother her, even though she's not talking about it. As if fighting cancer isn't enough - you still have to go and lose all of your hair!
But surely, with all of the people battling cancer out there, there must be some good wigs to be had? There is a shop somewhere here in Durban that apparently makes good wigs - it's our last stop locally, before we start looking overseas for a good hairdo. Sometimes, living in Africa can be rather challenging.
What do the "Locks for Love" Foundation do with all of the hair that gets donated annually? Does anyone know where I can find out? I tried the Cansa Foundation, but apparently their wigs are a bit worse for wear...
*Sigh* This search for some good hair is becoming a really big challenge!


Ms. J said...

Oh Char, I am so sorry. We just found out yesterday that my Stepfather has cancer, too. I wish I could point you to some resources but with being on different continents I am not sure where to start. Prayers, all around.

MLO said...

So sorry to hear this. I had ovarian cancer last year plus 6 rounds of chemo and never wore a wig but once. They are hot. A lot of women choose the scarf route instead. But, there are some decent wigs to be had via the American Cancer Society's web site. I don't know if they ship overseas, though.