Wednesday, 23 December 2009

My Christmases are so different now!

We're in Durban again, holidaying with the outlaws inlaws. Which means that I have
(a) Internet access for the next three(ish) weeks! Yeeee haaaaaaa! So happy I am!
(b) Very willing suckers for punishment grandparents itching to look after Jesse so that I can have three minutes to myself! Yeeee haaaaaaa! So happy I am!
(c) Malls, malls and more malls nearby! Yeeee haaaaaaa! So happy I am!
(d) Unlimited coffee on tap! Yeeee haaaaaaa! So happy I am!
Hasn't this year just flown by sooooo fast? Remembering a year ago, my little girl's very first Christmas - she was still so tiny - not even crawling yet. And now, barely a year later, she is an inquisitive marauding monster! A lovable inquisitive marauding monster. But STILL an inquisitive marauding monster. Very little is beyond her reach now. Especially since she's figured out how to move the furniture and create steps to climb up to where she wants to be. Can somebody say "Lord have mercy"?
Gone are my days of sitting quietly beside her while she plays.
No siree.
I barely get to take a few deep unfit breaths before running to catch up with her before she plunders the next "untouchable". Leave alone inspect the state of my grey rooted hair!
Fun fun fun.
I cannot comprehend how vastly empty my life would be right now, if it weren't for this little girl. How I just totally adore her! (And yes, you can remind me of that when she's throwing a a very loud, very violent tantrum in the aisles of the Pavillion in the middle of a bunch of impatient last-minute-Christmas-shopping grinches. Please. Not for the feint-hearted, these tantrums!)
Somebody told me a few years ago that my life would never be the same when Jesus would give me children. How right they were! I wouldn't trade my NOW for my THEN, for anything on this planet! Even when I take stock of my empty wallet, grey hairs and aching bones. It's worth every second.
How blessed am I?


Jair, Hanlie, Isabella and Joshua said...

Oh how I can relate! It's like one is trying to play catch up the entire day. Right now my daughter is picking out an outfit for me. Oh lordy! I'm so glad that Jessy is bringing you such happiness! You deserve it. xxx

Ms. J said...

We need a Jesse-Lee Christmas photo!!!!

Kelly said...

You are very blessed! Aren't we all?