Monday, 3 March 2008


Hey, I just realized that it was my One Year Blogaversary this past Saturday! Never one to pass up an opportunity for a celebratory slice of cake and a cuppa I don't know how I let that pass me by without my noticing?
Never fear. It's never too late for a belated blogaversary birthday bite...
And you know, I don't need much of an excuse for a wedge. Or three.
Happy Birthday to meeee my blog.
What would I do without you?


Frenchie said...

Oh Goodie! I get to be the first to wish you a very happy Blogaversary!


Much Ado said...

Happy Blogaversary!

Cheryl Wray said...

Happy Blog Birthday to you!!!


Anonymous said...


Ahppy Blogavarsary to you! The blogworld is brighter because you are here :).

It is so strange to see a zebra casually posted at your blog! Something we only see at the zoo, after paying a hefty fee.

If you could see my blog you would have just read abolut the wild jungle PEOPLE here, who live in the city and scare folks in their cars :)!

Zar said...

Hi Char,

We're coming to S.A. in July..thought this would be the easiest way for me to let you know! We're definitely going to come and see you guys!
Sorry about Rob...Andrew's been really sick too!


Aurette said...

Happy birthday Blog. I have a smile each time you read your blog.

Thomas said...

Happy anniversary!