Thursday, 13 March 2008

Maybe Baby update

OK, so here's what I know about Maybe Baby. The families who adopted her siblings get first option on whether or not they would like to adopt her, to keep the siblings together. Which is only right. But this puts us in the queue. And we have been there, done that before - and it usually means that we don't stand a chance. However, being in the queue is better than not being in the queue. So, I'll take my space in the line, thank you very much.
The courtcase to officially remove custody from the mother is only at the end of April. In the meantime the baby is in a safehouse in Johannesburg somewhere.
The only reason why we were included in the possible families, was because my friend Riana knows someone who works at the safehouse. And she asked Riana if her friends were still interested in adoption. And she said YES! and that's how the story began. We can go and visit the baby anytime we want.
The reason we haven't gone yet, is because we've been trying to get a few ducks in a row on our side. We really want to have all the i's dotted and t's crossed, so to speak. And so we've been contacting social workers etc.
Even if this Maybe Baby doesn't come through for us, at least we will have had our Home Study completed and (hopefully!) approval granted for any future possibilities.
So, that's what I know right now. As I find out more, you'll know more.
Of course, I would have loved to have hopped into our vehicle and driven there on the spot to go and visit. Call me cautious, rather than optimistic. I'm dead scared of falling in love with that little girl and not being able to keep her...


Spanglish said...

Falling in love with that girl is such a big risk... though I can totally understand the intense desire to meet her. Whatever happens with maybebaby at least your baby quest is progressing!!

Frenchie said...

Hoping for you! Everything's crossed!