Tuesday, 4 March 2008


I have to apologize. Apparently I was grossly mistaken. Or, more accurately, the "ignorant idiotic farmer" was mistaken. haha! I got an sms (I think some of you call that text message) from one of my best friends (Joey) last night, who is an AVID animal lover. And I MEAN animal lover. As in - she practically has a second home on the Kruger National Park's front doorstep and spends as much time as possible driving around the park looking for animals. And when she can't be there, she's watching dvd's at home about things like... oh, I don't know... ants. And elephants. And anything else that might possibly be alive somewhere in a game farm somewhere. In other words, she knows her stuff.
So the sms reads as follows:-
Just read your blog. So glad that you are ok after the scare with the porcupine BUT HORRIFIED to hear you say that porcupines are a pest!! There is critical concern over porcupine numbers! That is why caracals and wilddogs are endangered - because of ignorant idiotic farmers.
Now, in order to understand why this sms was totally hilarious to me, you have to know that Joey and I have a LONGstanding joke about what a bunny hugger she is compared to me. She thinks spending a year in the bush with nothing but binoculars would be heaven on earth. And me? Pure torture. Seriously. I love animals. I really do. From a distance. Unless it's a cat. Then I love it up close too. But please don't leave me in the bush somewhere to do birdwatching. Or driving up and down looking for tortoises. Or elephants. And can somebody please explain to me how something THAT enormous can hide away so easily?
So anyway, I just had to let you know that you better not dash off into the bush on a porcupine safari anytime soon. There are not hundreds of them lurking behind every blade of grass anymore.
Sad but true.
And now I will refrain from talking about That Spiky Thing again.
Because it's still a bit of a prickly subject. c",)
Oh and about the zebras. Yes, we see zebra pretty much every day here. But only because our neighbour has a herd of them on his farm. They don't roam around the countryside. Unfortunately. But we've become so used to seeing them that we hardly bat an eyelash in their direction. Robin calls them donkeys in pyjamas!
One last word about That Spiky Thing... This is his cousin, the humble hedgehog:-
(One of my favourite ads on our tee vee here in South Africa.)


Kelly said...

that's a funny ad!

Cheryl Wray said...

The text from your friend really cracked me up! Now I'm gonna have to go back and read about your porcupine experience!!

Mycrazylife said...

Well I'm with you about the animals, but living in America, we only get to see things like deer and rabbits. I suppose if someone asked me to go look for elephants, I would be pretty enthusiastic, but I am certainly no bunny hugger!

BTW - Love your Porcu-pology title!