Friday, 8 January 2010

And I thought a chatty fellow passenger would be bad...

I landed up seated beside a very nice man. But he had arm hairs that would shame even the hairiest tarantula. And he hogged the armrests. And then proceded to fall asleep. And then his arms would sag slowly over the edges of the armrests and his godzilla hairs would rub against my arms. For two whole hours. And I couldn't escape because I was already pressed up against the side of the plane in an attempt to avoid said godzilla hairs.
I am traumatised for life.
Dear kind sir who sat beside me hogging the armrests for two whole hours. Please ensure you do something about your wayward armhairs before boarding the plane next time. For the sanity of your fellow passengers. And for your own safety. Not that I'm threatening you or anything. No siree bob. But, let it be known that while the security might well confiscate a lovely razor or a pair of scissors, they most likely will not confiscate a nice jar of ready-to-use wax. I know, because I checked. And that's about all that I have to say about that.


Kelly said...

Oh Gosh! I'm chatty! But the hairy arms. Yuck!

Anonymous said...

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Jair, Hanlie, Isabella and Joshua said...

that's one advantage of flying with one wants to sit next to us...hehehe...

Susan Lang said...

Ha ha ha Charmaine! That's a very funny story! Go wax! (Were you thinking Veet or Mandy's?...!)