Friday, 1 January 2010

Where's the supernanny when you need her?

I would put her poor behaviour down to staying up late for New Years last night, but we didn't go anywhere, so Jesse was in bed her usual seven pm. So, why, oh WHY she would be throwing hissy fits all day today is simply beyond me. What started out as a lovely outing to the sis-in-law up on the hill, quickly turned into a day of alternating between screaming fits of anger, heartsore sniffles, temper tantrums, throwing her toys accross the room or AT people, more tears and more tantrums.
And not only from me. Jesse too!
OK, I am kidding. But seriously, if something doesn't change, I'm going to join in on the madness soon.
I honestly don't know WHAT to do about correcting Jesse's tantrums anymore. I am tired tired tired of it! Sick and tired of being sick and tired of trying to control the tantrums. I've read the books, implemented plans for dealing with misbehaviour, done my homework, thrown my hands in the air, pretended she was someone else's kid (I'm so bad!), spanked (please no judgement!) , distracted her from her behaviour, gone down to her eyelevel and used my "I'm serious now" voice, I've said no, followed through on "If you do that, then I will have to do this" threats, and am STILL completely out of my depth!
Someone please tell me that The Terrible Two's sometimes come early! And then leaves early too!
This little girlie might be pint-sized, but she is strong willed and very passionate about what she wants... And apparently she is WINNING this battle of wits against her exasperated parents.
Lord have mercy!
My sister-in-law kindly loaned me a book to read by Jo Frost of Supernanny fame. I have already read lots of it in the hopes of finding a solution to the sullenness silliness... Let's hope we make some progress this year. And before I am completely grey. My hair-dying budget cannot keep up with the number of new grey hairs that are appearing.


Two Shades of Pink said...

Ugh. I am so feeling you at this very moment I wish I could hop a plane so we could chat over coffee while we planned...I mean...discussed the pros and cons of discipline. I feel at a loss but I can tell you what has been the case with me but I AIN'T NO EXPERT! Cati turned on me at 18 months, worse at 2, but three has been even more awful. Ella is now 17 months and though she is a whole different child, she is beginning the terribles. Sadly, I handle this often by checking out which is all kinds of wrong. When I am consistent, it is sooooooo much better. But I can not be consistent when I am checked out in my survival mode. No one ever told me how hard it was gonna be. If I could hug ya now I would and just tell you I am in it too and some days I am at my absolute wits end. Oh, like today. I will pray for us both!

Kelly said...

This, too, shall pass.

Anonymous said...
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Hanlie said...

Hi Char. Yes, why they call it terrible 2 I don't know. I always comes early. Well, I can tell you mine do exactly the same when they are on holiday, away from home. They feel insecure out of their own environment. Also, girls are much worse than boys. Bella is very emotional. When away from home I just a bit more patient. NOT very easy!!! But I understand where she is coming from, it helps to know and understand that bit of info. When we just arrived here in Bangkok she was impossible for the first few weeks. We did not know what to do anymore, but now she is feeling more settled and is a sweet little girl (most of the time). I have also tried everything, spanking, time out, following through....ect ect ect. What works for me: Warning, then time out, and then after talking to her about why she had time out. She understand very well, and I can discuss it with her. Now, don't get me wrong. I do spank, when I feel that the act warrants it. The golden rule is just ALWAYS follow through on what you say. And the parents just need to stick together and present a united front.
Now, boys are another story. But as you don't have one yet, I will spare you those boring details...hehehe...
Oh my friend, it is never easy. And then we are not even in the teenage years yet. Oh Glory!
Anyway, best of luck. Just keep in there and keep praying for wisdom.

Frenchie said...

Oh honey... well I'm glad to know it's not just me! It started for us around 18 months, and there have been a lot of struggles and hard work since. Alex is nearing 3 now and things are a lot better, though we still have our 'moments'. Hang in there. You're doing everything you can.

Alice said...

Hi Char - wish I was there too to help out..... I know that at times you feel so overwhelmed that you too want to throw a tantrum.... remember you are the mommy - I agree with Hanlie, kids cope better when they are in their own environment, so it will be better once you are back home. I also agree that you have to follow through, for me what worked was the counting, which I am sure you have tried it, and then the follow through... the choice still lies with her. I know that she understands and knows what is right and wrong.... Keep strong and will be thinking and praying for you... whoever said parenting was for sissies...... Love you lots, Aurette