Thursday, 23 August 2007

Bugs Bunny

I did a stupid thing. Which isn’t TOO unusual for me. Especially when I’m under pressure. And what with this dreadful deadline dangling over my head it was really inevitable. And so I fell into it’s clutches. Of course. Here’s what I did. I was working my way through a pile of receipts, un-stapling them with my nifty staple remover as I went. One of the blasted staples was being obstinate, so I did what any woman would do. I grabbed the stubborn staple with my teeth and yanked. I mean, why go looking for a pair of pliers when you have a perfectly good set of teeth handy? Clearly, THIS is why. The staple finally popped out and at the very same second I felt something shoot into my eye. No, it wasn’t the staple. Thank Heavens! But it was equally as sharp. So I spent a few minutes gobbing on my finger and rubbing my eye, trying to find the perpetrator… I didn’t know it until about five minutes later, but I had chipped a piece of my tooth off, and it was swimming around my eyeball. Uggghhhh… Gives a whole new meaning to take the speck out of your eye before you point fingers at the speck in someone else’s eye. You should have seen me sitting here between my piles and piles of never-ending receipts and invoices… My incorrigible tongue running over my chipped tooth and my eye all runny and scratchy. (Why is it that when there’s something amiss in your mouth that your tongue just won’t leave it alone???) Well, I took that as my cue to stop working for the day. So what if I miss my deadline?!? It’s only the taxman, after all. I’m sure he’ll understand that I’ve suffered a mini crisis here today. I mean, my appearance is disfigured now and my vision is impaired. Good excuse huh? So, start marking your Christmas Pressie list, everyone. All I want for Christmas is a new front tooth.


Anonymous said...

You SURE DID chip it!! Amazing... I would never, ever have thought that a STAPLE could cause that sort of damage.

Aurette said...

This could only happen to you. Why did you put a dirty staple in your MOUTH! Oh well, there goes your perfect looking ivories now, lets hope that with time it will wear down and you will not even notice the difference. Hope you have a great weekend. Love all in Jhb, see you soon. xx

dale k said...

haha join the CTC (chipped-tooth-club) - i got mine by taking one in the face from a tennis raquet haha :P - but you wont even suspect - its all part of the package :)