Tuesday, 7 August 2007

o Sicko

I hear ye, I hear ye. I will get me to a doctor so forth. Whatever became of popping a disprin and hopping into bed for a few days? Noooo… now it’s all “get thee to a doctor immediately”. Ugghhh… If only you knew what an aversion I have to doctors! And pills. Thanks for the advice though. Sometimes I do need a swift kick in the butt some external motivation to do the right thing.
Last night I was trying to prove a point that almost turned into a bit of a disaster. There I was, perched precariously atop a rickety ladder, painting the walls of our living room, rigorously ignoring the wonky world around me, when up became down and yip, you guessed it, down became up. Needless to say, I washed my paintbrushes post haste and sat down as quickly as possible. We now have a most unattractive partially painted lounge. Half of it some icky sunflower yellow colour, the other portions of it a weird creamy-grey mix which was supposed to be the colour of café latté but which now bears a striking resemblance to the nasty colour they put in institutions for people with various manner of psychoses. Oh well. At least our lounge won’t look like a wedge of cheddar anymore.
And today, we have another guy chopping holes in our bathroom walls. This bathroom is beginning to get the better of us, I tell you! I am itching to be frustrated, but I am just soooo glad something’s being done to fix it! Who knows, maybe this time next week year I might get to enjoy brushing my teeth in my bathroom and not in my kitchen.
Let me get to work. I will let you know what the doctor says, as soon as I’ve been. In the meantime, let me make myself a cuppa and tuck into the work waiting for me. Adios Amigos!

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Amy D said...

Ugh, Char, you have had too many episodes. Does Robin know? Should I tell him? LOL. Like I would know how. I could type it really big, like.

What kind of work do you do in your nifty little office? I love the view!

Hope you feel better and PROMISE, no more ladders until you have been to the doc, okay? I would miss your blogging if anything happened to you.