Thursday, 30 August 2007


More than once I’ve experienced this. I feel God asking me to do something. And as exciting as that is, it makes me feel really humbled and small too. This incredible God who created the Heavens and the Earth asks ME to do something for HIM! Imagine! Like, what could I possibly have to contribute to HIS plans? Right? And yet, He asks little me! Astounding. And very humbling.
But I digress. See, last night I dreamt about an old friend. Out of the blue. So all morning I’d been thinking about him and wondering how he’s doing. So I sent him a text message asking him how he was. And sure enough, just this morning he and his wife were in court, finalising their divorce. Now, tell me this is coincidence! Can’t be. I’m so grateful that God prompted me to think about him today, so that I could do something as simple as sending him a text message on a really difficult day. Isn’t this God we worship just totally incredible? He knows exactly where we are. He knows our hearts. He knows when we need comfort and He sends it. Even before we need it.
But sometimes, the person He sends doesn’t want to be sent. And this is the scary, humbling bit. Because, what if you’re the reason someone’s prayers aren’t answered? Maybe you’ve experienced it too. The earnest prayers asking for help and the silence that follows. Or maybe you’ve been on the other end - have you perhaps ignored that still, small voice? That niggeldy voice prompting you to do something out of the ordinary for someone, when logic tells you it’s silly? Maybe sometimes it’s inconvenient to you to do that something, so you postpone it to a more convenient time. And in the meantime, someone has asked God to send help, and gets silence in return. What a scary responsibility we carry, when we make ourselves available to God to be used by Him.
I’m so grateful that this morning I could do something as simple as respond to a dream. And to see God’s hand at work. And to know that God needn’t have sent the dream MY way. He could have sent it to someone else. Maybe He did. I’m really glad I got to share in a small portion of His handiwork, and let my friend know that there are people who care. Because God cares. And that’s exactly the type of God He is. He comforts. And reassures. And wants us to do the same.
Pray for my McDreamy friend today, will you?
And listen carefully. Maybe God’s asking you to do something for Him too.

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MLO said...

Wow. The timing of your comment is really profound. I have been wondering if I needed to be more "out there" about infertility and the lack of education for both men and women that is actually getting worse. I've been debating and debating about it. First, epiBlog links to me in her post, and now, your comment about the "small niggling feeling."

One of the things I was thinking about was setting up a blog-watch on the studies about infertility and reproductive health.

Does this qualify as God shouting?