Wednesday, 23 January 2008

All work and no play

We have a group with us here at the Bush Camp. They are educators who are staying here for three days, and being taught how to teach. Which should tell you something about the level of education in South Africa. I'm just saying. Not that my education was substandard or anything... aaaaanyway, where was I? Oh yes, theeducatorsarehereforaconferencetoteachthemhowtoteach. Ninety of them. Which wouldn't be so bad, if I could just be in Durban right now instead of here with the educatorswhoarehereforaconferencelearninghowtoteach. But I'm here. As in stuck here. While Robin galavants to Durban to go and fetch a generator. For electricity. When eskom fails to do it's job. Almost daily. I'm just saying. Now, if I could have had my way, I'd have gone with him. Done a bit of coffee-shop-hopping, visiting the folks, maybe a wee bit of retail therapy. You know. Girl stuff. City-slicker girl stuff.
But no siree. I'm stuck. Here. At work. While he galavants.
I have a really strong urge to stamp my foot right now and to wail about how unfair it is... blah blah fishpaste.
But that would be childish.
Instead I'll sit here in my sauna office. Working. Looking after theeducatorswhoarehereforaconferencetoteachthemhowtoteach. And bemoaning my fate.
Because I'm ungrateful like that.

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Meredith Teagarden said...


You always crack me up :)! You deserve to be coffee hopping/ shopping!