Thursday, 10 January 2008

Boogie Boozies

And you all thought I wouldn't go through with it. Here they are then. Before and after pics.
By the way, I hummed and hah'ed about posting these pics for ages already... so, let's hope you all behave. If not, I'm taking this post down. Oh, and I deliberately chopped my head off the pics so that I wouldn't find pics of myself on some p0rn0 site somewhere... Not that I look at p0rn0. I'm just saying.
Oh, and you probably noticed that the After pics were mirror imaged? Well, the Before pics my friend took for me the morning of the op, and the Afters I took in the mirror a few days ago. It took a while for me to get some not-blurry pics, what with all the booty shaking I was doing.
You could call me one happy customer.


Kelly said...

Oh, I'm jealous! (just kidding, but I'm very happy for you AND your husband. he he)

Heath said...

New ones... do look sexy.
Charl - EL

Spanglish said...

Your surgeon did lovely work. They are the perfect size for your torso. I'd be doing the boogie, too.

Lyns said...

They look great, I would love to have mine done. Fab site btw. I dropped in from a link on goofy designs xx

Irritable Mother said...

You look great, Char!
Maybe if I got some nice boozies I wouldn't be so irritable...LOL