Monday, 14 January 2008

Blue Monday

I am writing in blue today. Because it's a blue Monday. And I like things to match. It's my First Day Back at Work. Need I say more? I should be excited about being back at work, because this is going to be a NEW year for me. With a bright and shiny new attitude. But I'm having trouble staying perky. I'm appeasing myself with the thought that at least my boozies know how to be perky enough to make up for the decisive lack of perkiness in other departments. Like, for example, attitude.
A bunch of things aren't playing their parts in keeping me happy... Number one being that my FAN ISN'T WORKING! So I'm frying here in my office. If I didn't know better I'd think I was getting the hot flashes. But that would mean I'd have to have at least a few hormones. And as we all know, I'm lacking the right doses of those too. So, it's just a case of it's too hot, and I'm not perched on a lilo in a swimming pool somewhere sipping iced tea. Which, as all of us working ladies know, is enough to make anyone snappy. Especially when said heat wave arrives on First Day Back at Work.
The other thing annoying me is that all signals here on the farm are currently on hiatus. Internet signal. Radio signal. We even had power failures this morning, for load shedding. So I couldn't even while away some of my work time browsing the net. How am I ever supposed to get some work done if I can't waste some time do research online? Welcome to Africa. Grrrr... If you haven't heard of the wonderful electricity situation in South Africa, and you have about twenty seven years to kill, have a read here.
Eish. I wish it was yesterday.

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