Tuesday, 22 April 2008

6 weeks!

Six weeks, guys. S-I-X W-E-E-K-S !!! That's all we have to prepare for baby Jesse-Lee's arrival. I am totally spinning out of control right now. Yikes! There is so much to get done, that I just wanna sit down in a heap and just bawl my eyes out. Sta-ress. I am totally scared witless! Most people have nine months to sort out all their stuff. That's six or seven times as long as what we have. But, I would so much rather only have six weeks to prepare than never be able to walk in the malls and choose things for my little baby girl...
That being said - SIX FREAKING WEEKS! Oh my word!
So far we have bought:
  1. 1 x crib
  2. 2 x oil heaters (one for the bathroom, one for the nursery)
  3. a bunch of 0-6 months clothing
  4. a fluffy wuffy little hat and matching booties
  5. a pair of little boots (seeing as we live in the bush and all...)
  6. a mesh bath baby-holder-thingy-ma-jiggy
  7. a nifty soft toy that looks like a sheep with big floppy ears

And we've been given:

  1. 1 x Car seat
  2. 1 x Pram
  3. 1 x Camp Cot (does that have one "t" or two?)
  4. Poop catchers Nappies (I think you non-South Africans call that Diapers)
  5. A beautiful blanket
  6. Some slightly used baby clothes

And in the meantime we're also trying to find out about the meds I could take to induce milk for breastfeeding and what that would all entail... and whether or not my newly refurbished boozies would be able to handle that... Mmmm... The type of boozies I chose were ones that would allow me to be able to breastfeed if ever the chance arose. So, must just check with my doctor dude to see what he says.

Oh, and I need to double check with our medical aid that all is in order for Jesse-Lee's birth, et cetera.

Oh my word.

Anybody know of some good anti-panic pills? I could use some.


Heath said...

Pity you cannot set-up a Baby Shower on-line at Woolworths or something. It would be fantastic
to contribute to your little girl.

Katrin said...

That would be a cool idea, heath.

Otherwise: drink some tea and have a chocolate - Jesse-Lee might end up having chocolate milk :)

Andria and Co. said...

I think that is so neat that you are going to attempt to breastfeed!
I agree- you need to set up a baby shower. Maybe start a Amazon wish list?
Ok, several things that I couldn't live without in the beginning:
baby sling
swaddling blankets
aquaphor or A+D (to prevent diaper chafing)
Hmm... I'll have to have some caffeine and get back to this list later...

Much Ado said...

SOOOOO excited for you!!! :)

Ms. J said...

I've got a bit more time than you, Char, but I definitely know what the dash to do all this is like, LOL! Your time frame may be shorter than mine, but I also have "toddler-proofing the house." hee hee!

What delicious problems to have, eh?!

Rita said...

domperidone - off label use for increasing breast milk and lots of nipple stimulation (stop laughing its true!) Get a breast pump and start to mimic feeds - at least 10-12 feeds/24 hrs and no longer than one 4 hr gap in that time (this is newborn behaviour).
Also - fenugreek and blessed thistle herbs.
Sending happy radiant vibes your way

Carla said...

BREATHE! It will all get done, and what does not will get done with baby in tow. :) Seriously, newborn babies need very little. The one thing they need lots of you already have - LOTS of love. I'm still just so dang excited for you all. As far as nursing that little one, I have NO advice just lots of good wishes that it works and you can fulfill that desire and dream.

Hanlie said...

RESCUE DROPS!!! And lots of it!

Anonymous said...


Hi ,ek het baie gelees op internet oor borsvoeding en adoption, ek dink jy moet defnitief bg.koop eerder dit as'n pomp.Jy sal wel begin melk maar as die baba jou borste stimuleer.Wees voorbereid dat jy dalk nooit genoeg melk sal maak nie, maar 50% is mos beter as niks. As jy 'n pomp kan leen iewers sal dit help om nou al te begin pomp...Is daar nie 'n 60dae periode waar die baba in pleegsorg gaan wees nie, hoe gaan dit inmeng met borsvoeging?
Hilda - ook besig om aanteneem , maar bly tans in die VSA , ek wag nog ...dit voel al soos 'n ewigheid (hvanzyl@veizon.net)

Frenchie said...

Oh my gosh--this is so exciting.

For the breastfeeding, Google 'La leche league'...

it basically involves a lot of pumping and a drug who's name I can't think of...many women have had luck with pumping alone. I tried but we had just 4 weeks, and my less-than-ample breasts wouldn't give it up. ;(

And girl, don't worry. The main thing this baby will need is lots of love and she will have that and then some! Everything else, well, you will TOTALLY figure it out!!

mrs. r said...

CONGRATS!!! i am so, so, so very excited for you. what an incredible adventure.

you are going to be a GREAT mom!