Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Our Poor Lass, Cassidy

My poor little kitty, Cassidy, was attacked by dogs on Monday. I didn't mention it yesterday, because I was waiting to hear from the vet how she was... When Robin and I arrived home from a day or two in Durbs the animals were all acting a little weird. Well, a little weirder than usual. Being hillbilly pets and all. They didn't come running up to us and jump all over our luggage, nor even wag their tails or send a few purrs and legrubs our way. Robin and I were both like "what's up with the fandamily that they aren't happy to see us?" and then I found little Cassidy curled up on the bed in our 2nd bedroom, all ripped up and bloody. Poor little kitty. Fortunately none of her internal organs were hurt, but I feel soooo sorry for her. She spent Monday night in hospital, and had bunches of stitches. She's very battered and bruised and moving around takes great effort and lots of limping - but I am SO GRATEFUL that it happened shortly before we got home, and not the previous day when we were still in Durbs. Poor little girly. She's still a bit forlorn, but she will survive. Which is more than can be said for my walrus nerves!

I would post a pic of her in all of her shaved and stitched glory, but this blinking blogger is still just giving me error messages. One good thing though, is it's forcing me to learn some html in trying to figure out where the error lies. Apparently old dogs can learn new tricks. Erm. Ahem.

And we're still waiting and waiting to hear anything about the adoption... What was it I was saying about my walrus nerves?


Andria said...

Oh, poor kitty! We are still mourning the loss of our beloved Sophie (who was hit by an idiot back when I was pregnant.) I don't want to have to train a kitten right now, seeing as how my life is CRAZY, so we are going to wait until maybe Christmas, and get Ailane a kitten.
Ok, you need to break-up with Blogger. Wordpress, baby.
Keeping my fingers crossed, and prayers being sent for not just you and Robin, but the birth parents as well. That they will have peace, and feel comfortable with their decision.
Ok. I'm off now... going to go sew some cloth diapers.

Char said...

Haha, Andria! You're hilarious. But you know, I'm also thinking a separation with Blogger is in order. Is Wordpress also a freebee? (Quite an important question for me, seeing as I'm a cheapskate.) I'm also just worried about... damn, I have a history here now you know. And what about all my previous posts - they'll just disappear. And I'm quite attached to / addicted to my little blog. I do quite love it, in fact. So what happens with this little blog if I swop over to Wordpress?

Andria said... is free. I use, since I have my own domain, but back in the day I used the free wordpress, and it was easy to import blogger into wordpress. It will even move your comments and stuff. I don't think it deletes your blogger, so if you want, go ahead and make a wordpress blog, and just fool around, import your stuff, and see if you like it.
Then, you can bake me a batch of brownies.

Frenchie said...

Oh my gosh! SO glad the kitty is ok! Something similar happened to my cat Max shortly after we came home from our adoption. He almost didn't make it. It is so scary, huh?

Can't wait to hear what's going on with the other stuff...

Kelly said...

I hope the kitty gets better soon. I am a huge cat lover!!!!