Thursday, 10 April 2008


OK, so I removed yesterday's post. Sorry guys. But I wasn't supposed to know what I know and I know that it might make matters murky, so I've removed it. (If any of you didn't see it, but are dying to know what it said, leave a comment with your EMAIL address and I'll gladly mail it to you...)
In the meantime, I've been watching Idols. Oh my sweet nerves man! How amazing is David Archuleto? I think I might invite him over for a visit at the hillbilly dump. Hehe! So we are a bit behind the USA version... so the most recent show for us was the one where David sings John Lenon's Imagine. Oh my word!!! Need I say more? My pvr (South African version of a teevo) is working overtime! I wonder if it's possible to corrupt a file on the pvr from watching it too often? Mmmm... So, I've taken precautionary measures, ya'll. I have the Youtube version of it favourited! (But can I just go ahead and say it? Some of the people commenting on his Youtube flick are just plain doofus's. There, I said it. If you don't like the song, what are you doing sitting there listening to it and commenting on it? Mmmm? Don't tell anyone I didn't actually have the courage to leave a contradictory comment there, but anyway, that's what this blog's for.) You go, Davo. If I could vote from South Africa, I so would. I hope you win!
And now... turn up the volume, folks and ready the hairs on your teeth and arms and back of your neck for some raising. Here it is. My new fave man on the planet:-


Kelly said...

We watched "American Idol gives back" last night. It was really good. I agree, he has an awesome voice and will do well even if he doesn't win the whole thing.

Kelly said...

Tonight is the results show. I won't tell you who gets voted off since you are a few weeks behind.

Char said...

You better not! hehe! As it is, I'm avoiding any news sites that might give the game away for us in deepest darkest africa! haha.

My Goodness said...

I think you're very wise to delete anything that might cause you problems...I've done that before.

Love the song! :)