Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Doc visit today

So, this morning Robin and I went with Lindsay and Victor to the hospital where little Jesse-Lee will be born, for a check-up. Wow! This is SO EXCITING! Somehow, going to a hospital, where there are all very professional-looking people walking around in their spiffy nurse outfits, et cetera, just made this seem a bit scarier more real. And like it's actually going to happen. For us! I mean - this time, we might actually get our happy ending! Well, not might - ARE. ARE getting our happy ending!


OK, somebody needs to invent a better word than "exciting". Because "exciting" just can't quite capture the intense anxiety, overwhelming happiness, total exhiliration and everything else we're feeling along the way... Me thinks Wooty Tooty would be a good replacement for ''exciting''. Wait, make that Wooty Tooty Shaky Booty

Anyhoo... Where was I? Oh yes - today we went with Lindsay and Victor to the hospital for a check-up. Turns out the baby's head is already engaged. HELLO! What??? So early??? Is that normal? Is baby about to pop out? Will the baby be ok? Is it supposed to be pointing it's nose down there already? Is baby ok? What happens if it's born so early?... and a kazillion other questions. Oh my word. I am so NOT ready if this baby arrives like, tomorrow. I still have things to do. You know - like, um, decide on where I'm going to put our cott. You know, all those really important things! (You guys do know I'm kidding right? Just checking, because my intonation doesn't quite make it accross the thinking/typing barrier.) But mostly, I'm just (bloody) scared that something is going to happen to this baby. Before I even get to love on her.

So, tomorrow we're taking Lindsay somewhere else, where they will give her a scan if we pay for it. Without us having to justify why we actually want another scan. Just to satisfy this paranoid parent's anxieties. To reassure all of us that little Jesse-Lee is still ok. And because, well, I haven't yet been able to see little Jesse-Lee actually moving around, and I've already memorized every last detail of the scan pics they gave us the other day. So, couple all of those factors with the fact that I'm wooty tooty shaky bootying on everyone all the time, they figure I could use some actual evidence that there's a happy, healthy baby in that gorgeous bulging tummy that I will actually be able to take home with me one day. (Um, the baby, not the tummy)

So, guys, pray with us that this baby stays where it's supposed to, for as long as it's supposed to... ok? Thanks! And, hopefully, tomorrow I can post some new pics of Jesse-Lee... maybe even a video clip!

Woot woot!

Oh, and my sister gave us a whole bakkie-load* of things for Jesse-Lee. Literally. We now have everything we need for Jesse-Lee, as far as ''things'' are concerned, e.g. carseat, pram, campcot(t), walky talkies, bath thermometre, bedding, gawsh almost everything. What an awesome sister I have! I am spoiled rotten. And very very wooty tooty shaky booty. And if my sister has anything to say about it, she'd probably add fruity loopy too. I love you, Aurette.

Now, all that's missing from this blog are butterflies and puppies, then it would be one enormous wonderful dream that I would be afraid to wake up from. Ahhhh... how did I ever get this blessed?

*Bakkie-load: South African for one pickup truck full of stuff.


My Goodness said...

How wonderful! :)
So happy for you!

Frenchie said...

Hey Girl,
I'm sure Jesse-Lee is just fine, but I will be praying all the same. Hope the scan goes well.

PS try and get lots of sleep NOW--because as soon as baby arrives, well...say goodbye to sleep for a while. ;-)


JamieD said...

I am so wooty tooty shaky booty for you!!! ;-)

Already engaged?!?! I know Jesse-Lee will be perfect, but you may not get the full six weeks of preparation! It sounds like she is just as excited to love on you are you are to love on her!!

You will be in my thoughts and prayers!!

Anonymous said...
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Carla said...

LOL, i love the excitement and happiness that are gushing out of the words on this post. :)

I will pray though that Jesse-lee stays put for at least 2 more weeks.

Carla said...
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Strawberry_Lamb said...

Yeah it's getting closer and closer, can't wait (imagine how you must be feeling!!!)
God is good.

Kelly said...

Jesse-Lee could stay like that for the rest of the gestation. Don't worry, yet! (easy for me to say). She will be fine!!!
This is so wonderful!!!!!:)

and I agree, go to a movie, get lots of sleep.