Thursday, 31 May 2007

100 Things

It is my one hundredth blog today! So, according to blogging tradition, today's the day I share 100 things about me, you probably didn't know! Ready? Here we go...

  1. Put on Madonna and I’ll be shaking my booty.
  2. I had railway tracks (braces on my teeth) in high school.
  3. My teeth are straight, but not pearly white.
  4. I play the Piano.
  5. And the fool.
  6. I’m bad with money.
  7. I collect shoes.
  8. I love eating.
  9. I love cappuccinos even more.
  10. The sound of puking makes me want to join the chorus.
  11. I lived in Germany for a year.
  12. I speak three languages. If you count my terrible German.
  13. I’m a blog-a-holic.
  14. My favourite gift is anything that smells good.
  15. My hair is actually grey.
  16. I prefer it brown.
  17. I can’t hit a ball. Moving or stationary.
  18. “50 First Dates” is my favourite movie of all time.
  19. Oprah is my hero.
  20. I’ve never been able to do a cartwheel.
  21. I am right-handed.
  22. I used to play the guitar. And the organ. And the clarinet. And the saxophone.
  23. Not all at once.
  24. I’ve never broken a bone.
  25. I can hold a tune, but I can’t sing.
  26. I’m good at making deserts.
  27. My first car was a yellowy-green Volkswagen Beetle (a 1970-something model)
  28. I used to water-ski in my teen years.
  29. I hate washing dishes.
  30. My cellphone’s ringtone is “Can’t Touch This” by MC Hammer
  31. I’m afraid of heights.
  32. The sleeping bag has to be zipped totally open, or else I get claustrophobic.
  33. My favourite book is “The Sword and The Scimitar” by David Ball.
  34. I have never read the Bible from cover to cover.
  35. I should.
  36. If my cat wasn’t jealous, I’d have at least six more.
  37. My uncle used to call me Bones when I was a teen, cos I was so skinny. Those were the days.
  38. I hate dieting.
  39. I hate exercising more.
  40. I used to ride a motorbike in high school and university.
  41. I only figured out how cricket scoring worked when I was about 25.
  42. I have really small boobs.
  43. I want to get new boobs.
  44. My mom thinks that’s crazy.
  45. I love my mom.
  46. Two of her sisters had breast cancer.
  47. I have been the driver in two car accidents.
  48. Only one of them was my fault.
  49. I had a small business painting paintings, and doing portraits. It didn’t last.
  50. I get bored easily.
  51. I like squeezing pimples. I know! Ew!
  52. I only have one sibling. She’s one of my favourite people on earth!
  53. I’ve been to Spain on holiday. And New York City. And Paris. And London. And Namibia. And Kruger National Park. I love travelling.
  54. I’m an American Idols-aholic.
  55. When I was growing up, I was convinced I’d be rich and famous.
  56. I don’t like wearing lipstick.
  57. That’s probably why I’m not rich and famous.
  58. I always carry a tube of germ-destroying waterless hand cleaner in my handbag.
  59. I was once a member of a touring missionary team.
  60. I have hair on my big toes.
  61. Robin always tries to pull them out.
  62. I have lots of really good friends. With and without hair on their toes.
  63. I can’t wait for The Second Coming.
  64. I like my eyelashes.
  65. I love singing harmonies.
  66. I acted in every school drama production, every year I was in high school.
  67. I wasn’t good at it.
  68. Which is probably also why I’m not rich and famous.
  69. I would love to meet Charlize Theron and ask her why she dropped her South African accent.
  70. I love being an aunty.
  71. I would love to be a mom.
  72. I don’t like gardening.
  73. I’m a perfectionist.
  74. It would take me longer to prune one bush, than for our gardener to do our whole garden.
  75. I like to think I could do it better than he does.
  76. If I won a million bucks, I’d buy us a new house.
  77. Two of my closest friends died on two of my family members’ birthdays.
  78. I studied Art at college.
  79. I don’t like to be in people’s bad books.
  80. Christmas is my favourite time of the year.
  81. I leave the fairy lights up about three months longer than they should be.
  82. There are always at least four books on my bedside table. And I am reading all of them.
  83. I try to memorize every “goodbye” moment, because I may never see the person again.
  84. I only eat chocolate on days ending in “ay”
  85. I’ve only permed my hair twice. I looked like a bottle brush.
  86. I will never perm my hair again.
  87. My hair grows way too slowly.
  88. My tonsils were forcibly removed from me when I was six. I am still traumatized.
  89. Tulips are my favourite flowers.
  90. All of my best friends live too far away. Like at least 500 km’s away. Which is probably a good thing considering the hairy toes thing.
  91. I tried to smoke once. I almost died coughing.
  92. I do not smoke.
  93. I kept a diary for 8 years. Every day.
  94. I burned all the diaries a week before I got married.
  95. I love being punctual.
  96. My husband doesn’t.
  97. I’m not very patient.
  98. I love my husband more than I love myself.
  99. I praise God every day for him.
  100. I believe God has a specific plan for me to find happiness in Him.


Janna Rust said...

Congrats on your 100th post! :) I enjoyed getting to hear those 100 things about you. I am a piano player as well and used to play the saxophone.

Have a great day! :)

Marcia said...

Hi Char

Saw your comment on Tertia's blog so I decided to come and visit. I also did my 100 posts yesterday on my blog.

Where are you - CT/ Jhb?

Marcia said...

Ignore the location question - just read your sidebar

Time in Durban!

Anyway, come on over and let's e-visit.

Amberly said...

Cool blog! I'm laughing at your ringtone. I have a "Living in the 90s" cd and "U Can't Touch This" is on there and it's one of the songs we will let them listen to. My 3 year old LOVES it! :)

Geoff and Caron said...

I loved the 100's post! I still have a way to go yet ... I remember the braces, playing the piano and the Bones! I sypathise with the chocolate dilemma - not enough days with ay at the end! (hee hee!)
I thank God every day for my husband too!

Jane said...

loved your list! I have the 95 and 96 problem in our house! and I laughed out loud at 84!

Penless Thoughts said...

Hi - I linked on you from Jazzy Cat. Hope you don't mind. I enjoyed reading you 100 things. I just posted mine recently. I have a new Guest Book up on my site. Would be honored if you'd drop by and sign it. :o)