Thursday, 10 May 2007


My favourite day of the week. Yesterday the gardener was here, making our garden look beautiful. And today my maid is at work, making my house all sprinkly clean. Tonight it's Date Night. Just me and my hubby. We have a standing arrangement. Every Thursday night. Sometimes just coffee at one of our fave coffee spots, sometimes a full meal somewhere nice. But always something. The whole world could fall apart around us, but we'd still keep our date. Because, truth be told, we actually really need to reconnect with eachother at least once a week, without interruption. I must admit - I love Date Night. The best thing about it is that I don't have to cook, or clean up afterwards we can just sit someplace quiet, and take some time out from the hubbub to appreaciate eachother again. It's great!
It kind of reminds me of the day God created just to rest and spend time with us. A day He knew we'd grow careless and forget. Which is probably why when He gave us a set of instructions to live by, it was the one instruction with a "Remember" at the start of it. Wow! A God who loves us so much that He actually created one whole extra day!... Just for us to worship Him! He probably knew we'd need it. Daily devotions wouldn't cut it. He loved us so much He really wanted one whole day, every week, for us to commemorate His divinity and creative power. And to remind us of our place: Created. For His purpose. Isn't that the kind of God you'd like to worship? One who wants one whole day a week to spend with you? Rather than that "Bette Midler" type of God who watches us "from a distance"?
Man, if only Date Night could be one whole day too! The two most important men in my life. One day for God. One day for my hubby. Now that would be two cherries on my small cake.
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