Friday, 21 September 2007

Cue the Baywatch soundtrack!

And my decision is... I am SO going to get me some boobs! Not enormous ones, mind. Just enough that you could actually tell that I am of the female persuasion. I've priced them (inclusive of surgery, etc.) and they will land up costing between fifteen and twenty thousand south african smackarooskis (U.S. $2000-$2670). That works out to about seven thousand-ish ronts per boozie... Which really isn't bad, considering. NEW boobs, people. And say that they last approximately fifteen years, so that works out to Three Rand Sixty Five (about 48c in U.S. currency) per day. For new boozies. Tell me that's not worth it! I spend more on moisturiser!!! So, I say, bring it on. I will tell you on Monday when my consultation is. Woot woot! New boobies! New boobies!


May said...

I will now have mental images for the rest of the day of people running on the beach in slow-motion wearing red swimsuits.


Kelly said...


KarenO said...

PleasePLEASEPLEASE just make sure you get to the right plastic surgeon! There are so many quacks in this country of ours, and both my sisters have horror stories to tell. But whoohoo for new boobies! I wish you the best, most beautiful, perky ones you can find... good luck!

And wow, just as I checked my email's dingdong, I saw you were on my blog as I was typing this comment. Thanks for your encouraging words, I appreciate them so much :)

Irritable Mother said...

You go girl!
You know, breaking it down the way you did to pennies per day, maybe I could afford it. LOL!
As to my birthday, no, I didn't have any cake. But my sister took me out to lunch a few days before, and we split a yummy dessert in celebration of my soon-to-be-birthday. Does that count?
She also got me a birthday card, making fun of my pathetic boobs. Nice sister, huh? She used to be tiny, and after having a baby she got (and STAYED) big. Just the opposite for me. *sigh*