Tuesday, 25 September 2007

A little bit of this n that

I wanted to tell you my booby appointment date and time, but my poor friend that is my contact person for the surgeon is going through a bit of a crisis at home, and the last thing I wanted to do is phone her to ask her for the number and be all frivolous and frolicky when she's under so much pressure... That would be careless. And I like to think I'm not that self-involved. So, again, it's The Waiting Game. Which is of course the way things work in my life, and I shouldn't be in the least surprised.
But I just had to share a few pics of our weekend with you. My sister, her hubby, my nephew and one of our friends came to visit us in the bush. We had SUCH a good time. The men did the usual "manly" thing they usually do when they come to visit - sit on our stoep and shoot things off of our fence, go quad biking, fishing and then shooting things off the fence again... you know... manly stuff. And us gals? We did whatever we wanted to. It was absolutely fabulous, darling. Think loads of food, fresh air, lots of laughter, a movie or two and haphazard naps. The perfect long weekend. (For all of you non-South-Africans, yesterday it was Heritage Day in here. Hence the long weekend.) It was also Braai Day! (That's South African for BBQ - pronounced like "high" but with a "brrr" instead of the "h".)

Now look at that picture and tell me we don't look like a bunch of hillbillies, with the guns and all? That's L - R : Dale (friend), Robin (irresistably sexy hubby) and Andrew (bro-in-law)

Robin in his Bourne Ultimatum pose.

(That's a Josh Duhamel wannabe if I ever saw one! hahaha... remember Win A Date with Tad Hamilton? hahaha.)

More pics tomorrow. I forgot my camera at home. Just call me Clever Trevor. (These pics above are from Dale's camera)
It was also my tjommie Chantell's birthday. Happy birthday my tjommie. If only I could have phoned you. I hope you were spoiled vrot though, my pommie.
As if that's not enough to fill the day yesterday, it was aaaalso the day on which my old school-friend Kate gave birth to her little girl, Freya Molly *Surname*. Welcome to the world, little Freya. I wish you and your mommy and daddy a WONDERFUL life together, with sunny days spent chasing butterflies and splashing around on the farm, friends as awesome as your mommy was to me, gifted teachers at school, not too many people teasing you about your interesting name, and a life overflowing with blessings and beauty!


Kelly said...

Two questions:
1 what is a tjommie?
2. what were the men shooting?

Char said...

Hahahaha! Hi Kelly. Sorry - sometimes I forget that some words are South African.
1. Tjommie - a colloquialism for really good friend
2. They were shooting plastic soda bottles and cardboard boxes that they'd placed strategically on the fence! (No animals were injured during the making of our hillbilly weekend!)

~Robyn~ said...

It is nice to see hillybilly men are the same where ever, whether South Africa or South Georgia. Looks like a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

What a fun weekend. I love target shooting. The photos made me want to get a gun.

Hanlie said...

Oh man, I can just imagine the boys and their toys! hehe...mis u guys!