Tuesday, 18 September 2007


There's a rat in my kitchen, what amma gonna do?
There's a rat in my kitchen, what amma gonna do?
Don't get me wrong. I don't mind rats. As long as they aren't in MY kitchen. Eating my food. And running over my feet and giving me potential heart failure every couple of seconds. Not to mention the threat of imminent rat-borne disease akin to nuclear fallout. And all of that. You know, all of the standard images evoked by scuttling creatures that come out to play at night. Hey, and we're not even going to mention THE PLAGUE! Uggghhhh... let's just say I have a healthy disdain for uninvited monsters in my house. Like rats, for example. And ants. et Cetera. So, what am I to do about this little fella that thinks the Hillbilly Dump should be renamed Rat's Residence? I can't bear the thought of a mousetrap. That's just cruel. Not to mention what if Buttercup happens upon said trap and lands up noseless? But the alternatives to the mousetrap are rat poison, rat poison or rat poison. And then, what if Buttercup happens upon said rat poison? See my dilemma? Me thinks the solution is a cat. A big fat tabby cat, that strikes the fear of death into all living creatures within a certain radius. Yes, a cat it is. Watch this space. I will be phoning kitty breeders this afternoon. My mind is made up. Watch out rats! Rattatattat. Rat-attack-cat. And all of that.
There's a rat in my kitchen what amma gonna do?
I'm gonna buy me a cat, that's what I'm gonna do!


Irritable Mother said...

Oh my. Have I told you my kids want a rat for a pet??? Yes, they want to have a rat in our house ON PURPOSE! Granted it would be in a cage, but it would still be a rat.
Maybe if I read this post of yours on a daily basis it will keep me from giving in to their crazy request.

Kelly said...

well, I hope your cat will be better at hunting rats than my Buddy. Buddy just seems to let them coexist. Nice.

Hanlie said...

Hi Char, take it from one who has had a mouse in my room...put out the poisen. Just lock Buttercup up for a day or two so he can't get to it. Get a cat also, just to make sure...hehe...Good luck!

KarenO said...

UGh no... good luck on the cat thing! NOW I understand why you need such a big cat :)

I saw the Ratatouille movie yesterday, and it was SO great! I laughed out loud as much as I cried, and no animation movie moved me to tears before, but then I guess I'm a bit of a cry-baby lately. lol!