Thursday, 6 September 2007

It's HEAVEN on Earth!

If this blog post is hectically wobbly and skippidy-dippity, then allow me to apologise ahead of the time. It's all my booty's fault. It just won't stop shaking since we arrived in Durban an hour or so ago. I am in cyber HEAVEN people. Hah-Eh-Vah-Eh-Nnn! Like seriously woopy-doopy-skippy-dippy. And all of that. Will share pics soon. For now, I'm just drooling on the keyboard of my father-in-law's superfast computer and way-out-connection speed. So, best get going before my already-shaking-booty catches a speed wobble and knocks me out. Wooot woooot!


Irritable Mother said...

Oh, Char, you crack me up! I have missed you. Thanks for stopping by for a visit, and enjoy your little piece of cyber heaven!!!

Kim said...

Hi Char! Are you excited or what?!
Hope I see you tomorrow at Pinetown. Will be good!'