Thursday, 20 September 2007

Taking The Plunge

When I was small, they used to have opera on the telly on Sunday afternoons. Sometimes there'd be ballet, and I'd watch that if there weren't more exciting happenings going on. But if it was opera, you couldn't tempt me away from the teevee screen at all. Not even with chocolate. It was almost a fixation. I was transfixed by the drama, the music, the lighting, the story... and adults were fascinated by me. One pint sized five-year old glued to the screen. Little did they know that what I was really admiring (they'd never have guessed, thank goodness!) was the way those tight corsets pushed the women's boozies right up and turned their decoletage into something akin to big spongy bobbity booziness. Even back then, as an ignorant little five-year old, I wanted big round boobs. I couldn't WAIT for puberty so I could get them. Imagine my horror when one day I was sitting hiding under the foam bubbles in the bath with my cousin (almost two years my junior) and she pointed out how much bigger her boobs were than mine, with my chest which would put the Karoo to shame with it's flatness. Right there, that very moment, I decided that if there was ever any way to force my boozies out of their hibernation, I would grab that opportunity with both hands. Alas, puberty did me in, too. I got ski-slopes for boobs. And even with HUGELY padded bras (wonderbra wishes!) my poor little boozies still look... undernourished.
So, here's the thing. I would really like to get my boobs done. As in really really! And many of my close friends are very supportive. Others (especially my mom and aunty!) are uncertain totally against it. And then, there's the money side. Now, you all know that we certainly haven't landed with our butts in the money butter. But I have some dosh stashed for my boobs a rainy day, and Robin's like "Char, if you want to do it, I stand with you all the way. You do it if that's what you want to do."
I guess it also might have something to do with the betrayal I feel from my body. How do I describe this? If my body couldn't do something as "normal/natural" for a body to do, as make a baby, then at least it's going to look good. If it means that I have to FORCE it to look good, then so be it. I mean, these boobs will never have a babe suckling them, so if their only other purpose is to look spiffy, then, dammit, they WILL look spiffy! And round. And feminine. And round.
So, ladies (not gents please!), what are your thoughts? (I might wanna kick myself later for actually ASKING you for your opinion... but, oh well.) Give it to me. What do you think? Should I do it? Should I take the plunge and get a plunging neckline?


Heath said...

Don't mess with what God made. He made you beautiful. Your mom thinks you are perfect and you gotta learn to love yourself girl -as you are!

Irritable Mother said...

Oh Char, I went from a "C" cup before kids to a "nearly A" after them. Think deflated balloons. That's what I felt/looked like!
I went through a difficult time, feeling totally unfeminine and like I was maybe being upset over nothing. (Literally! LOL)
My hubby asked if I wanted to get a boob job - not for his own benefit, but because he was concerned for how I was feeling. I didn't do it, but I don't think there's anything wrong with getting one.
I have come to the conculsion God and my husband love me and think I'm beautiful, in spite of my lack of bustiness, and that has helped me a lot!
Sometimes, though, I do wonder, should I...?

Kelly said...

you crack me up! I responded with "whatever floats your boat, girl". I have a friend that had one and went up to a B. She was small before and now she looks great and normal! My one concern is going under the knife. Just consider the risks from that. But good luck! I won't ask for before and after pics. Ha ha ha

KarenO said...

I agree that God made you beautiful, but He also gave plastic surgeons the talent and skills to make you feel better about yourself. He also gave you a free will to decide, and I strongly believe that if it makes you happy to have bigger boobs, God will be happy for you too!