Sunday, 30 September 2007

My L.G. and me

What was supposed to have been a really mundane weekend turned into a really awesome one! Yesterday afternoon at about 17h00 my mom, dad, sister, bro-in-law and nephew arrived for a surprise visit - all the way from Durban for just one night here with us in the bush. A three hour trek (from Durban to Dundee), for just 15 hours together! And worth every cent spent on petrol getting here too! It was SOOOOO awesome! Even more so because it was so impromptu. Here are some pics. How cute is my dad in those pics?
After they left this afternoon for the long trek back home again, Robin and I got stuck into doing some LONG awaited and LONG OVERDUE things around the house. Woot woot! I have my washing mashine connected! Ohhhh... bliss! Needless to say, there's not much left in the house that needs laundering. Who'dathunk I could be this excited about doing laundry? Amorous thoughts toward my LG Top-loading Automatic Washing Machine abound. I even washed my slippers this evening. Granted, they were smelling rather...uh... fresh, after three months of not being washed. I know - how gross am I? Lucky, this time I have a valid excuse. Plumbing problems et cetera.
So, right now, it's one big laundry festival here in our hillbilly dump. If it can be shoved into my washing machine, it is being shoved into my washing machine. Pity Mr Weatherman aint playing along. Shortly after I'd hung out my first load and stuck in load number two, you know it: buckets of rain. Ugghhhh... You just can't win. But for today, I'm not complaining. How can I complain when my washing machine's connected? Yippeeee...! Have I mentioned how much I love my washing machine?

Um, no, I don't always dress that way - those are my painting house / gardening / housecleaning / chore clothes. Really!

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