Wednesday, 5 September 2007


I was pleasantly surprised BEYOND excited yesterday! It started out a normal working day. Wake up early-ish, take a shower, etc. etc. go to work and spend the day catching up on admin. Until about 11h30 in the morning, when my boss (John) walked in and said to me "Char, would you like to go to The Pavillion?" (which just happens to be THE BEST MALL on planet earth, and also happens to be within spitting distance of our home in Durban!) WOULD I LIKE TO GO TO PAVILLION? I mean??? Wild horses couldn't drag me away! But my family could. So on the spur of the moment I hopped into the car with John and we drove the three hours to Durban, skipped The Pavillion and surprised my family with a visit! I wish you could have seen the surprised look on my mom's face when I appeared at her kitchen door! It was priceless! And, of course spectacularly fabulously amazingly wonderful to just pop in there on a whim, spend an hour or two visiting, then travel the three hours back to Dundee again last night. AWESOME! And today, I'm back in Dundee and looking forward to Thursday night's trip back to the city. Just one more sleep then I'm going back to the city! Yippeeeeee!

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